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m2M Cycling - Not sure whether to commit?

So... Here we are and there you are. A couple of road bike cyclists coming face to face for the first time. 👋

We get it. We've only just met and you're wondering whether or not to commit. I mean, it begins with an innocent sharing of the email, right? And then before you know it, you're up to your eyes in lycra, smearing chamois cream over your nuts and giving yourself a cheeky little wink in the mirror, when catching yourself doing so. 😘

We can neither confirm nor deny whether these events will end up being your future.

If they are, we'd sure as hell love to help you get there whilst enjoying every pedal stroke along the way.

Check the video above for a quick overview of what to expect from If you like what you see, why not pop us over your email and we'll be in touch when we have something useful to share, that will help your road bike efforts.

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This bite-sized beginner's guide doesn't take itself too seriously and, whilst written in an amusing way, includes excellent advice that provides everything you need to know, to get the most enjoyment out of your new road cycling hobby from day one.

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