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Join the m2M Cycling Club on Strava

For extra cycling support, motivation, camaraderie (and a little bit of banter /mickey-taking no doubt!) sign up to the m2M Cycling Club on Strava.

Seeing others get out on their bikes and the pictures of their adventures can often be the gentle push (no pun intended) that inspires others to get out on the road.

It couldn't be easier to join. Hit the link above or button below, find the 'join' button when you're there and you're done.

You don't need to do anything else. Your rides will automatically be captured in the club so others can see them and spur you on, give kudos, share words of encouragement.

For the more competitive among you, you can also see how you're comparing against others in the club each week for number of rides and distance.

If you've any friends you'd like to invite, then share this link with them - - The more the merrier.

Looking forward to seeing you over there.

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Join the m2M Cycling Club
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