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Ben Phillips
Oct 21, 2021
In Hints, tips and advice
Hey everyone. I hope you don't mind the shameless plug but I'm really excited to announce that we've launched an eBook over on Amazon, which any newbie cyclist will find incredibly helpful in getting you started on the road. You can download a copy here 👉 It's a bite-sized beginner's guide that doesn't take itself too seriously and, whilst written in a playful, amusing style, includes excellent advice that will tell you everything you need to know to get the most enjoyment out of your new road cycling hobby. (including embarrassing stories of overly applied chamois cream! 😳) It includes loads of experiences - the good, the great, the misfortune and the mishaps - so that you can benefit from the hindsight, and learn to love your cycling quicker, safer and without making the same stupid mistakes I did! I hope you find it useful and welcome any feedback. Cheers. Ben.
Ben Phillips
Oct 07, 2021
In Cycling Clothes
A big hello to all the m2M Cycling community members. Thanks so much for signing up to our humble little venture. We're at the very early days of things so please bear with us. New things are on the horizon all the time so if you experience something you're not sure about or unhappy with then please lets us know. (positive feedback is appreciated, also! 😉) With temperatures heading in the wrong direction I'm thinking about bringing out an Autumn /Winter cycling top that will be of high quality and provides superb value for money. In my experience, the cheap cycling clobber starts to lose it's shape, padding and falls apart after half a dozen washes. Whereas the more expensive stuff might be just that... Too expensive for beginners to want to take the plunge with. Before I potentially risk wasting money (I don't have) on something (people don't want) I thought I'd ask the good people on m2M Cycling for your opinion on something: 1) Do you like this design? 2) If the quality was similar to Castelli, what do you think and /or feel when hearing "£84.99" as a potential price tag? (Too high? Too low? About right? Sounds excellent if the quality matches Castelli?) If you could leave any feedback in the comments it would be HUGELY appreciated. And please don't worry about causing any offence. I can't afford for an ego to get in the way of constructive feedback so candour would be sincerely welcomed. Cheers. Ben.
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Ben Phillips
Sep 10, 2021
In Community Rules
The ethos of m2M Cycling is about helping and supporting others. Mainly in getting up to speed with basic and essential road cycling tips, but if that branches out into physical and /or mental benefits then even better. Not everyone has to get along and there will be times when people don't agree. That's perfectly normal. However, like when out on the road, there's no excuse for not being respectful to ensure that we can all be comfortable within a safe environment. Friendly banter is welcome and encouraged. We're a down-to-earth bunch who don't take ourselves too seriously. But serious, offensive abuse will be handled with zero-tolerance, and anyone found to be behaving in this way will be blocked from the community immediately, without notice. Be nice. Be helpful. Be friendly. In other words - don't be a dick.
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Ben Phillips

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