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What's the story?

From the sofa to the saddle

It started whilst sat on my couch in the early noughties. Whilst wiping away the evidence of the chilli sauce shenanigans from my left man-breast I got hit with an overwhelming sense of, “Oh man. Something’s gotta change.”  

And so my road cycling began. It was with a borrowed bike and nerves in my paunchy gut but here I am, 45,000-plus miles later sharing my experiences – things I wish I had known when first wedging a road bike saddle between my buttocks – which you might be able to benefit from at the early stages of your cycling endeavours...

Over the years we’ve helped a few guys learn what we’ve come to love with our road bikes.  We’ve had the pleasure of watching them reap the physical and mental rewards – and so have created this hub to help you learn the basics of road cycling too.


We hope you find m2M Cycling useful, and enjoy the many life-improving benefits we have.

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This bite-sized beginner's guide doesn't take itself too seriously and, whilst written in an amusing way, includes excellent advice that provides everything you need to know, to get the most enjoyment out of your new road cycling hobby from day one.

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