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Moobs Supporting Boobs

For those that don't know what the 'm2M' in our name means its, "moobs to mountains."

It's a playful reference to what motivated me to start road cycling in the first place. I.e., Being overweight on my sofa, suffering with anxiety, and noticing my growing 'man-boobs' - when it dawned on me that I had to get physically and mentally fit. Fast.

Although the m2M Cycling community is primarily aimed at other men who might be going through a similar thing, and are looking for support, guidance and motivation, it doesn't mean that ladies aren't welcome and supported, also.

In 2009 a very close friend to m2M Cycling tragically lost both his mum, Sylvie, and sister, Danielle (a mother to 3 young children), within a year of each other to breast cancer.

As is often the case when such devastating destruction happens, amazing things can rise from the rubble. In this case it was the launch of the incredible charity - Future Dreams.

For 12 years, Future Dreams has provided unbelievable support to thousands of women and their families who have, or are continuing to be impacted by this horrible illness. They've helped so many people for so long and now they need our support.

Future Dreams charity is running a 36-hour urgent appeal - 31 OCT - 1 NOV 2021

COVID has curtailed scans, chemotherapy sessions, and vital surgery.

Given this terrible disease touches one in seven families, they need your help now more than ever.

Future Dreams House is the only specialised breast cancer support centre in the UK. It offers a safe environment, range of therapies and emotional support for those touched by breast cancer - your help is urgently needed to keep its doors open.

Please dig deep to help them do what the amazing NHS is too overstretched to do.

And the best bit? Every donation they receive will be doubled!

No matter how much or how little you can spare, please make a donation on their charity page by hitting the button above or below.

Mothers, sisters, nieces, aunties, wives, girlfriends etc, - m2M Cycling has got your backs so you can take care of your fronts! 🤜🤛



Chief MAMIL Officer

m2M Cycling

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