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The On Your Mic Podcast - Episode #5 - With Tim

A big motivation behind m2M Cycling is to help guys out there living with mental health issues.

Whether you struggle with clinical depression and /or anxiety, and whether you're open about it or suffering in silence (which is probably worse), then we hope you find Tim's openness about his own mental challenges helpful and, if necessary, a catalyst for you to do something about yours if you're not already.

Download & Listen:

There’s more, too. From tips about buying your first bike, to sportives that are perfect for beginners; and how to make time to ride (even if you’re an Executive Director of a national hospitality business!) – there’s something here that most new riders will find incredibly helpful.


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This bite-sized beginner's guide doesn't take itself too seriously and, whilst written in an amusing way, includes excellent advice that provides everything you need to know, to get the most enjoyment out of your new road cycling hobby from day one.

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