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Why I Ride & Started m2M Cycling

“That’s attractive!” said the sarcastic rolling of my wife’s eyes as I dangled the last dregs of

kebab meat over my mouth as if sprinkling food into a fish tank.

There I was nearing my mid-thirties (at pace) and heading towards 15 stones / 210 lbs / 95.50 kg (at an even more frightening speed).

Due to the increasing number of aches and pains, 5-a-side football was a thing of the recent past. Something had to give, and better it was the football instead of my body.

A sporting /fitness gap needed to be filled, which wouldn’t be so impactful on the increasingly sore joints, and my love of cycling was born...

m2M Cycling is here to support guys at the early stages of their road cycling adventure. Where you can come together for things such as sharing cycling hints and tips, arranging group rides local to where you love, and chatting about road bikes (other forms of bicycles and cycling are allowed, too!) It’s intended to be this and so much more.

As someone who’s been on medication for mild anxiety for a few years, cycling has been a massive benefit to helping me get my head right whenever needed (as has the daily 50mg dosage of Sertraline!). It’s helped me connect with guys going through similar things (I’ve been surprised at just how many there are).

With these connections has come camaraderie and conversation – all so vitally important when needing to just talk to someone about ‘stuff’ – the great, the good, the bad and the down-right ugly.

This is what I love seeing m2M Cycling becoming. Knowing it's a cycling-themed haven that's helping other people on many levels is truly amazing, and means we're doing exactly what we set out to achieve.

We're not about pretentiousness here at m2M towers. We don't care what road bike you ride; what gear you wear; how far you can go or how fast you are. We want you to love cycling, not loathe it, and do so in any way you're comfortable with.

Yes, there is banter and piss-taking (usually aimed at me!) but that's because, although we take our riding seriously, we don't take ourselves the same way. If we're laughing at anyone, it's usually ourselves before someone else, and it's always intended in friendly and supportive spirit. If your reading this and thinking to yourself, "that's exactly what I'm after" then welcome, friend. I hope you find the m2M Cycling community useful and come to love road bike cycling as much as we have.

Got a story to share or a question you want answered? Then please pop it in the forum. More often than not, either ourselves of a community member will get back to you with what you're after.

Before you go, why not sign up to the blog? It's absolutely free (seriously) and it'll ensure you get the help and support delivered to your inbox whenever we share it (never in a spammy way!)


Ben (the one in the middle, above)

Chief MAMIL Officer

m2M Cycling.

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